Film from the exhibition “The Structure of Blackness” at the Kuratorium Gallery

Artist's statement

Since I entered the artistic path and started looking for my own language of expression, I did a lot of trials and experiments with painting matter. I used to put together various materials and textures, testing different paint densities or different tools, sometimes completely random. At one point, I noticed that some of them had become a separate stage in my work, a direction that I should explore more deeply. I was looking for a simple and effective way to create an impression of spatiality in painting by using the minimum necessary means. Geometric spatial composition is the first step on this path and the aim is to express the complexity of human nature through these simplified means. The raw, simple, minimalist form with all the entanglement of the world has become a challenge worth trying to implement.


“Taki numer” – Jerzy Baranowski in the Spot W. Gallery, Warsaw 2022

“Bez tytułu” – wystawa obrazów Jerzego Baranowskiego i Marcina Rząsy w Galerii 101, Warsaw 2020

“Struktura czerni” – wystawa indywidualna w Galerii Kuratorium, Warszawa 2020

Coming Out – The Best Diplomas of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2018

Museum Night at the Academy of Fine Arts 2018

The final of the Wojciech Fangor’s competition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk 2018

“Holiday break” – Gallery Salon of the Academy 2017

The final of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition – Museum of Modern Art 2017

Museum Night at the Academy of Fine Arts 2016

“Be careful what you wish for” Foundation Gallery Autonomia 2016

Museum Night at the Academy of Fine Arts 2015

Autonomia Group “Nothing connects us anymore”- Gallery Wystawa 2015

Autonomia Group – Gallery Pod Okiem 2015

Autonomia Group Stara Praga 2014

Autonomia Group at Main Medical Library 2014

Autonomia Group Panstwomiasto 2014


  • Finalist of the 2nd edition of the Wojciech Fangor competition 11/05/201
  • Finalist of the 16th edition of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition 27/06/2017


  • Winner of the Artistic Award of Siemens 2018
  • Winner of the Ewa Tomaszewska Award in 2018